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        ABOUT US

        ABOUT US

        Yichang Bojin Electronic Technology Co. Ltd is a professional enterprise with many years experience since 2010. Engaged in design and produce crane torque load moment limiter ( truck crane, crawler crane, tower crane, bridge crane); tower crane anti-collision system; loader and excavator weighing system; and related crane spare parts including touch screen, sensors, height limit switch, anemometer etc. totally 8 series and more than 40 kinds of products. Products have been exported to more than 20 different countries, including Uruguay, Argentina, Poland, Italy, Russia, Pakistan, and many Southeast countries. Furthermore, our R&D department can provide customized solutions based on our clients' requests. ...


        CONTACT US

        Contact: Wang Jin

        Phone: 銷售直撥 13697297875

        Tel: 技術支持 18071313998

        Email: 651673556@qq.com

        Add: No.6 Bayi Road, Wujiagang District, YiChang City, Hubei Province, China

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