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        • Anemometer/wind speed sensor
        Anemometer/wind speed sensor

        Anemometer/wind speed sensor

        • anemometer
        • wind speed sensor
        • Product description: Anemometer/wind speed sensor
        • INQUIRY

        Techinical parameter

        1.Voltage:AC 100~240V, 50~60Hz or DC 7V~28v (can customize other specifications);

        2. Power:≤0.5W, DC12V work current within 40mA;

        3.Display:4 bit highbrightness digital tube;

        4.start-up wind speed:<0.4m/s;

        5.Measure range:0~80m/s;

        6.Resolution ratio:0.1m/s;

        7.Measure accuracy:0.4+2%Xacural wind speed;

        8.First class alarm: range 1~59m/s, light alarm, factory default is 10m/s;

        9.Second class alarm: range 2~60m/s, light and sound alarm, relay output, factory default is 11m/s;

        10.Alarm output interface:voltage;


        12.Net weight:500g.

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